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Based on all of my research, it was important that the online platform was structured in a clear and logical way. It was important it is to produce content that users will find valuable, but it is also equally important to make content findable. Either through SEO, site exploration, via content and of course, navigation.
The next logical step was to content audit and create a site map to determine the best structure to meet our user needs. I used a hierarchical structure and a subjective organisational scheme. This scheme facilitated learning by assisting users to understand and draw connections between pieces of content. Allowing users to self-identify which audience they belong to and essentially being able to find a relevant entry point from the top-level menu items. Below you can see an example of the site structure I created and relevant pages required as part of advocating the user.
*Due to the proprietary nature of this product, only pre-approved examples of the work I completed have been published in this case study.
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